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What is crisis discourse? The aim of this blog is to enhance our understanding of how the financial crisis and its consequences are being communicated and constructed in public, political and everyday discourse. We seek to uncover concepts and tools in discourse analysis that can help us to cut through the jargon-laden buzz around crisis discourse. How can we apply systematic and rigorous analysis to problematise what commentators, journalists, bloggers and even academics take for granted as fact and figure, necessity and truth, in UK and elsewhere?

The Crisis Discourse Watch blog is a new site for ad-hoc critical analysis, commentary and discussion of crisis discourse. We welcome short contributions of various kinds, such as:

  • Analyses of recent texts from political, media, academic and other institutions and groups
  • Commentary on language used in times of crisis
  • Descriptions of and reflections on innovative approaches to the study of crisis discourse
  • Proposals for events such as workshops, talks or discussions that engage with these issues

To offer a contribution please contact us.

This blog was conceived and set up by Amelie Kutter and Johnny Unger

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